Latest Past Events

First Aid/First Responder

Alamo LTC, LLC is partnering with 1840 Inc. Training to offer a First Aid/First Responder 2 hour class focused on treating injuries from your range bag. This class does not require any previous medical training or experience. It will teach multiple methods to identify and immediately control life threatening bleeding and other common range injuries.... View Article


Advanced Bleeding Control + (ABC+)

Alamo LTC, LLC will feature our primary medical course, Advanced Bleeding Control + to Bulverde-Spring Branch (BSB) & San Antonio residents. Who: Anyone with an open mind and the will to learn life saving skills What: Advanced Bleeding Control + teaches people with no formal medical training how to identify and stop life threatening bleeding... View Article


US Law Shield: Guilty OR Not Guilty, YOU Decide!

LTC Class TBA, San Antonio

Alamo LTC, LLC will host US Law Shield at the BSB Activity Center on July 20th from 6pm-8pm for an exciting interactive event on the Legal Use of Deadly Force in Texas.  The US Law Shield Defense Attorney will role play the Judge and Prosecutor.  He will navigate the group of up to 50 through... View Article