Texas LTC in San Antonio

Our Texas LTC class in San Antonio is easy and fun. It only takes 4 hours at your own pace. You can use your home computer, laptop, tablet or even cell phone to complete the class. Texas License To Carry has never been easier or more affordable at only $59.

Online LTC Class

The self-paced video format provides San Antonio residents with an excellent method to learn the Texas state laws, review important safety procedures, and the fundamentals of marksmanship. This is the best way to prepare yourself to carry legally throughout Texas and in 37 states total.

Pistol Qualification

Advantages of Texas LTC

Constitutional Carry only allows for open-carry within the state. Open-carry allows armed criminals to know who the “Armed Good-Guys” are. This could make many Constitutional Carriers an armed criminal’s first target. Texas LTC in San Antonio can provide the resident with the added safety, piece-of-mind, and convenience to carry a concealed handgun LEGALLY in many other states when traveling for work, to visit friends and family or while vacationing. This added advantage is Priceless. Join thousands of Texans who already have their License To Carry.

Texas LTC in San Antonio

Are you ready to get your Texas license to carry? Join thousands of Texans and carry without restrictions. We are San Antonio’s leader in firearms training and carry classes. Get protected and carry in more places today!